Smart and cost effective drilling and well operations for clients world wide

Norshore is a drilling contractor headquartered in Bergen, Norway. We provide Drilling and Well Intervention operations from our environmental friendly multipurpose drilling unit “Norshore Atlantic”

Our business philosophy is to focus on clients needs, innovative and cost efficient services without compromising operational safety or environmental preservation.

We operate the state of the art DP3, Clean design Drilling vessel “Norshore Atlantic”. Our highly qualified personnel ensures quality and efficiency for all stages of the operations.

The Challenge

Oil companies are often using large and expensive drilling units for performing drilling and well operations. The large anchored rigs require huge logistics support, including towing and anchor handling vessels, Supply vessels and helicopter support. Jack-up drilling rigs also require support from towing vessels to move and position the rig on location in addition to days spent on jacking and preloading. Large DP units do not require as much logistic support as jack-ups and anchored rigs, but the daily operating costs are huge.

The Solution

By using the “right-sized” tool, Norshore offer significant cost reduction for drilling and well intervention operations. “Norshore Atlantic” has proven track record for Top Hole drilling, Well intervention and plug & abandonment operations. Norshore offers a fit for purpose organization with highly qualified personnel both onshore and offshore, capable of supporting all types of drilling and well operations in shallow and deep water. We also perform subsea construction and decommissioning operations. Our cost effective dynamically positioned drilling unit is specially designed for Top hole drilling, Well intervention and P&A activities. With less than 7,2 meters draft, “Norshore Atlantic” can mobilize all equipment needed from almost all supply bases in the world. With transit speed of 13 knots and use of onboard work ROV for site surveys, the mobilization time is significantly reduced and the vessel is ready for operation just a few hours after arriving at the field.

The Benefits

Environmentally friendly drilling unit, specially designed for performing Top Hole drilling, P&A and well intervention.

Significant cost savings compared to other types of drilling units, even jack-ups.

Highly competent organization focusing on our client needs and providing innovative and unique solutions. Operational safety, environmental preservation, quality and efficiency are the basis in all our activities. 


P&A contract for Norshore Atlantic

Norshore is pleased to announce to have signed a contract with an oil major for the use of Norshore Atlantic for plug and abandonment of 3 wells in Indonesia.

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