Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Norshore has high focus on HSEQ and a strong HSEQ culture throughout the company. Our HSEQ policy is to prevent conditions and/or incidents that can cause injury or damage to personnel, environment, vessels or third party property.

To succeed with respect to our policy we will:

  • Control and manage identified hazards
  • Establish work practices that reduces the risks to as low as reasonable practicable
  • Communicate the Company’s expectations with respect to HSEQ with all personnel involved in our activities
  • Focus on understanding of risks in all situations

The Norshore Management System has been named COMPASS. A Compass is a navigational instrument for determining directions. By giving our  Management System the name Compass, it indicates that this is a system that will give us directions and guidance for all our work processes and activities. The Compass Management System will be developed, implemented, certified and maintained in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the ISM+ISPS Codes.

The following 5 HSEQ focus areas have been chosen for 2017:

All personnel involved in the operation of our units shall have good knowledge and understanding of Risk Management and Barrier management. The goal is that technical, operational and organisational barrier elements are maintained in an integrated and consistent manner in order to minimise risk.

Management System Knowledge
Norshore management system define how we work and describe how we lead and perform our activities.
The management system shall contribute to safe, reliable and efficient operations in compliance with internal and external requirements. The system shall also help us to incorporate our values and policies.
The knowledge and use of the system by all involved is of great importance.

Health and Working Environment
The wellbeing of our personnel is important. Norshore will focus on developing a good working environment and health promoting initiatives.

Management responsibility
Current changes in the industry require extra attention from management. Initiatives and decisions taken by management influence risk related to major accidents and the working environment. The Management is responsible for risk reduction and continuous improvements and shall ensure that:

  • The short- and long-term effects of changes are handled prudently.
  • Changes must strengthen safety and the working environment over time.
  • Cooperation between stake holders and companies are facilitated in order to overcome common challenges and to continue developing appropriate operating parameters.


Building Norshore HSEQ Culture
As the organization grow, it is important to shape and define the company culture in order to create a high performing team. The culture shall be built based on our vision, values and policies.
Leaders are expected to act as role models for the defined Norshore company culture.

Norshore HSEQ Policy

HSEQ Policy




Norshore holds the following accreditations:

Achilles certificate