Our services

Norshore deliver high quality drilling and well services in accordance with client demands.
We actively develop our services in co-operation with clients and partners.
We offer significant cost savings by using the right-sized tool.

Our services include:

  • Drilling operations
  • Plug & Abandonment
  • Well intervention
  • Sub-sea construction

For further information, please contact VP Operations, Trond Haugland,th@norshore.no or mob. +47 994 54 561

Norshore Atlantic is a versatile vessel, which has the capability to adapt to Multirole tasks. The vessel is easily retrofit for Drilling, Well Intervention, P&A and others within a short period and can support operators for operations cost effectively.

Norshore Atlantic’s concepts of cost saving will greatly benefit operators in not just Drilling or Well operations but Well completions, X-Tree Installation, Workover Operations to Well Abandonment as well. Its utility is enormous and can also run capping stacks for operators.

Norshore as a company is supported by many partnerships with Norwegian and International contractors and can support in making many of operator’s activities cost effective. With its partnership with Norwegian and International companies, Norshore as a company is able to provide win-win scenarios for operators for its exploration and development programs.

The Norshore Concept

The unique Norshore drilling concept, has many advantages for our clients. It will enable the operator to conduct Top Hole Drilling or drilling complete wells from a smaller and less expensive unit compared to a standard drilling rig or drillship. Some of the advanteges are:

  • The Norshore units are just as efficient as large Semi-sub rigs and Drillships in the top hole sections of a well.
  • The units have large deck and mud capacity reducing the need for support vessels.
  • Improved safety by having remotely operated drillfloor operations.
  • Prepared for Riserless Mud Recovery system
  • Reduced mobilisation time
  • High capacity Subsea crane

For our clients the benefits are:

  • Increased utilisation of existing rig fleet
  • Earlier start-up of production on fields
  • Increased number of wells drilled per year at a lower cost
  • Reduced need for logistics, supply and anchor handling vessels
  • The Norshore units will also be capable of performing Well Intervention operations, Coiled Tubing operations,  Plug & Abandonment and Sub Sea Construction work.


Being a DP Drilling unit, Norhore Atlantic are able to perform Drilling Operations in both Shallow and Deep Water, ranging from 30 – 3000 meters of Water Depth depending type of Drilling Operation. 
As for all Drilling Units the Well Control System is the limiting factor when it comes to Water Depth Range, hence the Well Control System on Norshore Atlantic are built as a modular and independent system to handle both Shallow and Deep Water operations.


Drilling with 18 3/4" BOP and 20" Riser

Drilling complete wells requires a BOP and a Riser system to be used. 

The Well Control System being built for Norshore Atlantic is present designed and built for a Water Depth Range between 50 – 750 meters, hence Norshore Atlantic has a unique Water Depth Range compared to other DP Drilling Units.
Being able to drill complete wells at a water depth as shallow as 50 meters make’s Norshore Atlantic a strong competitor – alternative to Jack Up and Semi Sub Moored Drilling Units due to more efficient and less costly mobilization phase, start-up phase and demobilization phase.

Both the BOP and the patent Riser System has been designed and being built with focus on:

  • In compliance with present API requirements, witnessed and certified by DNV.
  • Modular and Individual systems with simple interfaces.
  • Based on filed proven components and technology.
  • Operations in Shallow Depth as well as Deeper Water.


Top Hole Drilling

Top Hole Drilling (Riserless Drilling) is one of the main focus areas for Norshore. By using the Norshore concept to drill the top hole sections and pre-install the wellheads, operators will achieve many advantages:

  • Large cost reductions related to a conventional MODU (semi sub).
  • Increased utilization of conventional MODU's on contract
  • Advanced (accelerated) development and project time
  • Advanced (accelerated) production
  • This is valid both for exploration wells and for production wells.

Conductor Running Atlantic


Riserless Drilling with BOP

With the unique Norshore set-up, the Norshore vessels can in many cases replace rigs and drill complete wells.

Norshore units equipped with 18 ¾" BOP stack and riser or riserless mud return system is suitable for drilling wells with water based mud system and standard casing program. In many cases this will be less costly than using a jack-up on shallow water.


Riserless P&A

Plug & Abandonment operations on shallow and deep water subsea wells can be conducted without a riser to the surface.

The Norshore technology is based on using a subsea BOP system with Riserless Mud Recovery system (RMR) if required or with return to sea bed depending on well status and barrier requirements.

Typical advantage for Norshore Riserless P&A are:

  • Retrieving X-mas threes using deep water offshore crane.
  • Retrieving barriers with well control.
  • Well control while cutting casing.
  • Return to surface enables circulating and controlling gas behind casing.
  • Using drilling fluid of higher quality
  • No time spent on running / retrieving riser.
  • Reduced cost for the riserless operation-part of the well.

Plug and abandonment Atlantic



Well Intervention

Riserless Light Well Intervention

The unique Norshore drilling and lifting concept, makes the Norshore unit ideal for Riserless Light Well Intervention. Norshore, together with cooperating companies, offers a complete RLWI service package.


Well Intervention with Drill pipe Riser

The Norshore units are prepared for Riser Intervention with LRP/EDP, 6 5/8" DP Riser, Lubrication valve section and Rotatable Riser Tension Ring.


Coil Tubing Operation

The Norshore units are prepared for Coil Tubing operations with stiff riser. Some of the advantages are:

  • High V-door opening
  • Passive Compensation system
  • Return of HC to the unit


Subsea Construction

The Norshore units are equipped with AHC Offshore Cranes. This together with the lifting capability of the drilling derrick, makes the vessels very flexible and versatile for subsea construction work. The main deck is equipped with a skidding system that allows safe deck handling before deployment through the moonpool. Larger units may also be deployed over the side by use of Offshore Crane. It is also possible to carry out wet-towing of large modules hanging under the drilling derrick in safe distance above seabed.

Concept benefits:

  • High Lifting Capacity - 450 ton
  • Passive and Active Heave Compensation.
  • Stiff Running string, reduced movement.
  • Possible to orient load.
  • Easy access to moonpool
  • Skid system for easy and safe handling of modules
  • Constant tension Guide Wire system
  • Large size sub sea equipment installation (template, manifolds, etc.)
  • ROV support - survey

    Subsea Construction Atlantic